Connection Refused

I'm getting the below error while trying to connect to my personal environment or trying to publish the environment.

Hello Mohamed,

That error is a transient error that occurred during a recovery action in the underlying infrastructure that supported your Personal Environment. As you can see, the error log timestamp is from February 11th.

Currently there's no problems with your Personal Environment, so shouldn't be having any errors.

If you do have errors, please send screen of the error while it's occurring, or the log for an error that's recent.



Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah obviously the log was created on 11th feb.  but now also I'm facing the issue if i connected to my personal environment. sometimes im able to connect to my environment but when i try to publish the app. then im getting the same error. below are the two screenshots accordingly.

When trying to connect to Environment

When try to publish the App.

Now for these two error im not getting any log. so that's i sent you the earliar logs.

Hello Ameen,

The issue was slightly different, but your screen allow me to trace the cause and recover your personal environment.

Let me know if you still have problem publishing in your personal environment.