Can't put Outsystems Now to work on mobile

Can't put Outsystems Now to work on mobile



I've downloaded and published the latest version of OutSystems Now.
I can view and select the developed apps on my environment through a browser on the OutSystemsNowService page.

But when I try the OutSystems Now app on my mobile I get an error.
If for example, the URL to access an travel expense app named TravelMoney is, I'm assuming that what I need to input on the mobile is on the company's network).
This doens't work -> There was an erro trying to connect to the provided environment, please try again.

When on the Internet, I put in the public IP and get the same error.

I'm at a lost.
Are there any more steps needed for it to work? What am I missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Carlos,

Does server you're trying to connect to have a valid SSL certificate?
BTW, are you trying to do it on Android or iOS?



Hi Rúben,

No it doesn't have an SSL certificate. Is it mandatory? It only connects throught https?
And I am trying it on WP 8.1! ;)
Hi Charles,

It must be a valid certificate :/
Suggestion: Try against your personal environment!