environment problems

environment problems

During publish the application  , the error will shows as
"Error message from node SERVER ( Unable to deploy eSpace
Unable to execute Remote Procedure for Application Deployment. Please ensure that the IIS Admin and WWW Publishing Services are running on this Front-end Server.
CompModule : Broadcast Message"

And sometimes it will done upload only after that it shows communicating error. but my network is very fast to publish.  If i try to publish 5 times it upload only one times.

Hi Hemalatha,

Thank you for your contact.

For you to get faster and better support with your Personal Environment you can contact success@outsystems.com. There is a team that is handling these kind of issues as the one you've reported.

Looking at our internal records everything seems to be fine and we even have successfully deployed a "Test" application on your environment.

To help you out with this, can you answer a few questions?
  • Are you behind any firewall or security mechanism on your network?
  • Do your eSpaces have large resources? (Although your applications were created, no module were uploaded to the server)
  • Can you try to create and publich a simple "empty" application just to test?
Thanks in advance,
Nuno Parreira
Now it is working. There is no problem exists.Thanks for your support.