Ajax submit sends all form data to server?

In outsystems, when a button is Ajax submit, does it send whole form data irrespective of the operation? if not how to make it to send only required input data to server instead of sending all form data?

Reason behind the question is, I have a long form and fields grow dynamically based on user actions with one form submit button and many other buttons to get partial data from server based on button clicks (only get not save). 

Hello Thirupathi,

On Ajax Submit we send the page viewstate, so you end up sending everything you have on the screen.

If you end up having a form that is that long, maybe its best to split the insertion into steps (making a Wizard for instance), this way you can store the information as you go further into next steps and also provide a better User Experience.

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Thanks Cristiano! my assumption is right. Regarding your suggestion on wizard, I cannot change the form, this is already agreed by client.
My issue is not with save, its with getting data, for eg: I have form with lot of data and now I have a country drop down, on change of it I need to load states, for this case, it doesnt make sense to send full view state. Like this I have many cases in a given form.

Do you have any workarounds to achive this? I am fine even though they are not public or standard :P



 Thirupathi Rao Veerla you are right, i am getting the same issue, have you resolved?


Rajendra Singh