Hi guys  please i have a problem, i want to print from a page that  dynamically geneartes data on the fly for students . i have sucessfully done the printing but the problem is when i populate the table with data for a particular student it doesn't show the content when its printed here some screenshots to illustrate the issue.

Here is home page

Second page when i click on john kent name to enter the candidate show page

As you can see it contains  data. but when i go to firts page and click print, it generate the pdf quite fine but i can't see those changes i made to this particular record. itcomes up empty..

Please how can i make it retrieve data from a particular student. i have tried but it not working ..Atached is also a sample of the module. please any help will go a long way..

Hi there TOM!

It seems that you aren't setting the right URL in the PrintRecord action. Try seting it to:

This will actually send the CandidateId parameter into the TranscriptPrint page when the user clicks the Print Record button. You were indeed passing it already, but if you look carefully (or even delete it), you'll see it's not being used.

Hope this helps!
Thanks mario it works but the issue now is when i print for john i get the data for john which is fine , but when i print for decklan , i get johns results instead of decklan, it doesnt filter based on the  candidate
Oh no... I used the Aggregate instead of the TableRecords. Change the URL parameter to:

This will actually account for the record the user picks.

Hope this helps!

worked , big thanks, sorry it was my mistake i would have hookeed the url to the table reocrd id. it works now.As a side note , is there an easy way i can disable the header and footer of the page via css