Business process human activity id question

Business process human activity id question

Hi All, 

I have designed an Outsystem business process for a request form approval. Before each human activity assigned to an user, there will be an email sent out with a link to allow the approver to go to the request detail page directly. I have tried to attach an activityid in the email link, however, it is not a correct activityId for the human activity. User have to click the link in the taskbox in order to continue the process with the correct activityId. I would like to know if there is any way to get the correct ActivityId in the email to continue the Outsystem business process without clicking the link in the taskbox. 

Thank you for your help,
David Lo

Hello David Lo,
You are not able to send the correct activity Id because when you're sending the email the Human Activity wasn't created yet. So a solution would pass by sending the link to the page of the Human Activity with the Request ID and in the preparation of that Human Activity page you query the databe of the process to get the activity ID.
Was this clear for you? Let me know if you need further help.
João Pêgas.
Hi David,
See this post. It explains how you can create a custom task box. It's a really good explanation. See how the links are built. Maybe it can help you to achive what you want. 

Best regards,
Hi Joao and Andre, 

Thank you for your help.  We were able to address activity id issue by following Joao's suggestion.