Issue with Ajax Refresh using OutSystems + Angular JS

Issue with Ajax Refresh using OutSystems + Angular JS


I am using angular js along with OutSystems. I am having issue while using Ajax refresh. The momenent I do Ajax refrsh on control it loses it's binding with angular. Has anyone overcomed this issue? I found there is similar issue with update panel

but the solution doesn't work with OutSystems as it doesn't use Ajax but have their implementionat of Ajax. 

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Pravin,

Angular JS doesn't play awesomelly well with jQuery, as you know.
OutSystems platform leverages jQuery to perform many things, namely the ajax. The way for you to work around this, would be at the end of ajax to the binding again.
There's is an unsupported  and undocumented way for you to do that, use at your own risk:


And on your call back function you'd do the binding of angular JS again.

Let me know if this helps,