Auto Search with multiple selection (Checkboxes)

Hello All,
I want to implement auto search with multiple selection. can anyone please tell me how to do it? How can I achieve it.Please elaborate it step by step because I am new developer on outsystem.
Hello Pradip,

Is this what your looking for?

Try to search always on our Forge first, most ot fhe components are already there to help you with the development : ) 

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Thanks for you response but I am unable to integrate it. Also I want checkboxes with autosearched list for multiple selection.
Hmm... you want to select multiple options right? In SILK you have a component called Selet2, it does give you the ability to make multiple seletions comming from a combo box : )
Hello Cristiano Marques,

Can you please tell me how to bind my own country list to select2 dropdown?

Hello Pradiq, sorry for the late reply.

Just make a normal combo box for your countrys and then apply the Select 2 from SILK.

: ) hope this helps!