Platform and external database

Platform and external database

Currently I am developing on an Outsystems trial platform and my level regarding OutSystems is beginner.
I have a design dilemma that i would like to share and I am interested in your point of view.

The situation:
We have an OutSystems platform installed with a connection to an Oracle database. Tables exist on that database that will be integrated through Integration Studio. The new application that is developed on the OutSystems platform will require new entities/tables next to these existing tables.

The dilemma:
I am wondering which of the two options regarding these new entities/tables are preferred and why:
1. Create entities in the data tab of service studio and let the platform handle the underlying tables.
2. Create tables on the existing database and integrate these with integration studio.
If these new entities are not related to the integrated tables, I would create them in Service Studio because you have more control and it is easier to maintain.

However if the new entities have some relationship with the integrated tables, you should create them on the existing database, since it is not possible to JOIN tables from different databases and it will difficult your future implemantations.

Hope it helps
Thanks for your reply André.
Not being able to join them is indeed a big drawback for option 1.
However the tables in my application only have a minor relationship with the tables in the exisiting database, so not being able to join is not a big deal, so then option 1 is the way to go.

What Im wondering in option 1 is the maintainability from DBA point of view, will the database end up in an unorganised load of tables with cryptic names? I've been browsing through the db under the trial platform and in the OSADMIN schema there is already an extensive list of tables.

regarding the cryptic names I've found this helps a lot.
Yeah this is a point to considarate. But have in mind that If you create an Entitiy in Service Studio you should maintain it with the platform. Otherwise you will be giving up one of the main capabilities that OS Platform provide you. There is some cases (e.g., Migration Scenarios) that know table names becomes necessary, but in general you don't need to worry about it.