Hi All,

I am trying to include ListUtils into service studio 9.1 but I am unable to do it. When I download it it will open into integration studio into that I am unable to compile it.
So please tell me how to use it.


Hi Pradip,

If I'm correct, ListUtils you are mentioning is a community pushed component available at http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/162/listutils/ This means that very probably the fellow developer that created the component is the one who can guide you best. Please take a look at the component's discussion board here.

By the way, someone has already manifested that same concern while opening and compiling ListUtils component in Integration Studio - did this reply help you at all?

On other thing, ListUtils component is downloaded as a .xif (Integration Studio Extension file) meaning only OutSystems Integration Studio should be able to open it, not Service Studio. The issue with the compilation probably has to do with the project being wrapped. Please see if the above link has put you on the right track.