Go to the last (on any) page of a listview


A customer asked me to implement the possibillity to have a list screen whereby the list navigation can go to the last page (or any page). This seemed easy enough but I quicly found that the current richwidget-listNavigation no longer supports this out of the box (thought it did in the past).

So we tried a different approach but then had the problem that there seems to be not a kind of 'set startIndex' (only get and reset). The neccesary variabel is a local session var in RichWidgets but I don't want to change (clone) this espace for maintanance reasons.
So, is there a way to get to the last (or any) page in a list view?

Found a solution. Thanks for your attention :)
Hi Hans. 

Can you share the solution with us?

Of course, I was not sure if someone was interested.

Since the logic for the list navigation is in the RichWidgets I thought about reusing it. Cloning the RW espace and change the ListNav behavior is an option but working with a RW clone has proven a maintenance problem in the past. The other option is to copy the list navigation logic to a local espace and change it there. That seemed the way to go in this case but before I went on with it I discovered that something similar could be found in the Forge:https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/399/page-navigation-with-extras/

I copied this content to a local espace, referenced it from there and voila, problem solved. 
Little tip; make sure you use the correct versions of the reset and get start index (if you still use the original list navigation in other screens).