Help With Space At Top

Help With Space At Top


Hi All,

Its me here to annoy everyone again. On one of the pages I have built there is a large gap between where the header and actions should be and where my text first starts.

As I do not want to use a header or actions on this page is there an easy way of moving my text up towards the top of the page or hiding the title/actions containers?

Please be advised I am using the standard London theme currently.
Hi David,

The London layout is built based on a strucutre that uses an header, menu, actions, title, body and footer.

If you have an application to build in which you need to use a different structure, my advise would be for you to build a diferent layout and define that one as the default layout for your webscreens.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your reply, if I was to take the current London theme structure and copy it across to my particular page is there a way I could adjust it to remove the header and move my text up the page?

I keep seeing people talk about the -99999px piece in CSS code but I wouldnt be too sure about that.

Thanks again for your help.

I wouldn't adivse on  that solution because you'd be tampering with a standard layout with a well defined structure and I'm not sure if that solution would work in all browsers, OS, devices, etc.

If you want a quick start on your new template you can always open a rich widgets espace clone and see how the Layout_London is built. You can then copy that webblock to your own code and addapt as needed, for example removing the header placeholder.

By the way. Have you considered the usage of one of our SilkUI themes, maybe Lisbon or Dublin, for example, are able to adapt better to you application with no need to defining a custom layout.

You can check available templates here: