Config File Error

Config File Error


Im getting the below error after publishing the app.


Where i can change this setting in outsystems.

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Hi Mohamed,

That error is a standard ASP.NET error, something is wrong regarding that application at a more fundamental level (.NET Framework, user permissions, etc.). 

Custom errors property just allow you to see the details of the error on remote machines. I don't advise changing that since it may create insights for external users in to specifics of you application, which may create a security breach.

At this point I would advise two things:

- Check logs from service center and see if you can identify the cause for the error;
- Access the same application in the server (through remote desktop) because that will give you the error full details without changing any configuration.

Hope it helps.
Hello Mohamed My understanding is the web.config file is generated. So, probably it was corrupted when your eSpace was complied for upload.

Following Carlos's advice I looked at the error logs (found in then look in the espace your were working on - under the title name of the eSpace ) and found the file.aspx that was causing problems.

In Service Studio I made an unimportant change to the file.aspx's Web Screen settings i.e. selected "Is Frequent Destination" to true. Then I uploaded the eSpace again and the problem was solved.

Hi all,

If you need to make configurations into the web.config file I would suggest do it useing the factory configuration component. With this you can do customisations to the config file.

Hope it helps a little,