When I try to run the follow timer i get this message during 1 hour of running. Timeout defined is 420.0 minutes. This Timer have the responsability to migrate a large data from a database to another database. This error never happens until now. If i delete all data migrated and try again to run the timer, the issues is fix. Timer MigraJurosBefore2013 error (inside action 'Timer_Migra_JurosEmFalta'). Timer duration = 3600 secs: Request timed out [retry 1 of 1 scheduled] outsystems.hubedition.util.OSRequestTimeoutException: Request timed out
Can you try adding a SetRequestTimeout with parameter = -1 to the beginning of the timer and see if that fixes your issue?

This action can be found on the "HTTPRequestHandler" system extension.
Thanks Ricardo. I will follow your suggestion.