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When submitting an app to the windows app store, there are a couple of things to have in consideration... So we've putted together a small checklist of what you're required to do/create to submit an application!

  • Microsoft Developer Account;
  • Name - An unique name that must be reserved upfront through Windows Dev Center dashboard. Maximum length of 256 characters. Note: the Package/Properties/DisplayName value must match the name that you reserved for your app in the Dashboard. (+info)
  • Description - Your app’s description on Windows Store. The description entered when submitting the application is displayed on app’s Store listing. The first fre lines may also be displayed in search results and algorithm lists on the store. Maximum length 1000 characters. Following, some tips to help you provide the best description:
    • Grab attention in the first few sentences
    • Make it easy to learn about your app
    • Use lists and short paragraphs
    • A list of app features can help to quickly learn what the application does
    • Use a length that is just right
    • Use standard capitalization and punctuation
    • Don’t forget to check the spelling and grammar
    • Don’t include links or info that belongs elsewhere
    • Don’t try to use HTML tags, they won’t be rendered
  • Screenshots - At least one screenshot must be provided, be it either for mobile or desktop. More screenshots can be provided: up to 8 for mobile and 9 for desktop. For mobile screenshots, each screenshot must be either 768 x 1280, 720 x 1280, or 480 x 800 pixels. For desktop, each screenshot should be at least 768 x 1366 pixels for best display.
  • Category and Subcategory - Listing your app in the right category and subcategory helps customers find your app and understand more about it. Choose the category that best describes your app. Then choose a subcategory, if available.
  • Store age rating - Depending on the content of the application, an age rating must be specified. (+info)

Consider also visiting the Microsoft App Submission Documentation!
Hope this helps you out!



P.S. - Kudos to Vitor Oliveira and João Gonçalves for the help in creating this!

Hi Rúben,

It will be possible to distribute apps to windows store developed in P10?


Hi Thomas,

Yes, you will be able to publish apps, built with OutSystems Platform 10, to the Windows Store. However, there will be no automated 1-click Windows native build generation, like we will have for Android and iOS.

With OutSystems Platform 10, you have the following options for Windows apps:

  • Create a responsive app and run it using the browser of the Windows device (vs. creating a Windows native app).

  • Create a responsive web app with OutSystems Platform 10 and use a native shell, such as Cordova, to wrap the responsive web app. The OutSystems Now Windows source code will continue to be available on GitHub as an example and accelerator of how you can build your shell.

  • Use the speed of OutSystems Platform 10 for all the back-end development, and create the front-end with another tool, such as Microsoft Visual Studio. Some of our customers use OutSystems Platform as a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) Platform to create all the back-end infrastructure that is shared across web applications, TV/kiosk native applications and native mobile applications. For the devices OutSystems doesn't support, such as TV native apps, customers create the UI with native TV SDKs and consume REST services exposed by the Platform.

Thomas Robinson wrote:

Hi Rúben,

It will be possible to distribute apps to windows store developed in P10?


Since you can create web apps, for Windows 10 you can use Project Westminster.