How to use forge control (select2)

Hello All,
I have downloaded select2 control of forge.But I dont know how to used it in my current project so can anyone please tell me steps how to use this control in 9.0 without london theme.
This application includes two eSpaces, one with the widget(s) itself and another with examples.

Select2.oml and Select2Example.oml
Hello Joao,
Thanks for your valuable reply. Can you please tell me how to bind my own data to sample2 control?
I have my own country table and I want same functionality on that own table.
Please send me all the steps with screen shots as early as possible.


I am looking at the examples and I can't understand how to use the widget.

I just want my combobox to sow concatenated attributes like name+mail+username, and define the spacing between attributes.

Can someone help?

Hi Rita,

For customize combo box, use aggregates with new formula column and concatenate column you want and assign to source of combo box and select source attribute with custom column.

After drag select2 component and set ElementId to combobox Id.

That's all, publish and check it.



I have tried that way but the attributes don't have spacing between them (even if I put the "  " + between).