Creating Users

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My daily post looking for help!

I am currently trying to have a page where I can create users if they are currently not in the users database.

In the page I have set up a save action which creates or updates user depending on whether user is already there or not.

I have attached what this currently looks like, does anything jump out at anyone straight away without having to give more granular detail?

Hi there!

Everything seems fine, may I ask why aren't you using the Users application for this purpose? This is what is normally used to manage users. If it helps, here's a link to the documentation...

Hi Mario,

Thanks for the response, I havent been into that area before (sorry only really done some of the training videos and self learning), my survey would be going out to thousands of employees, is there a way of doing a bulk load into that area?


I must also state that this is simply to login to the web application of my survey rather than have access to the environment, would this make a difference?
I'm sorry David, but I'm not following... I thought you were creating an interface to create application users and that is why I suggested the end-user management application - Users.

Now you are mentioning a survey, thousands of employees and programatically creating users. It would help me a lot if you could help me better understand what is the problem... Are you looking to build a survey app and need guidance or is there a specific task that is not working as you would expect?


Hi Mario,

Sorry if I wasnt clear. I have built a survey using outsystems so that users of a company can go onto the webpage, login and complete all the questions.

To add all these users on the plan was to bulk load them in using an excel spreadsheet as manually doing them 1 by 1 would be a nightmare. After that there may be new employees who might need added so need to add them manually as and when required.

I am sure this is straighforward for most but as I have only used the system for a couple of weeks its a bit confusing.
Thanks for the clarification...

It's fairly easy to create users from an Excel file (see example below) - all you need to do is loop through the excel and create the user in the database. I got this example from the Cases App (available in the Forge) - there's a module inside the app called CasesSampleData and an action SampleData_BootstrapUsers.

Have a look at it and give it a try... Have you thought about the user's password? How will they login? Why do you even need to create the users? If the survey is not anonymous you might want to think about simply asking them to type their name... Food for thought... You obviously have more insight than I do :)

Please check out my oml..... i have ceated 2 users, when i submit a request in one user the repots page must show only the current user's requests..! "All Reports" page must show the records of all the users....! But wat is the problem is reports page is not getting sorted properly....... then in All reports page the request raised by one user is gettig updated for all the uers in the list............I have ste filter oo... But i cant come up with the proper output.... 
Hi there!

There's seems to be an attribute missing in your Request entity - In order to know who was the user who submitted the request, you need to save it in the database. 

You would then have to update the Submit action to actually set the SubmittedBy to the Session.UserId (the id of the user submitting the request)

And finally, update the Aggregate in the Preparation of the Reports page to actually filter by SubmittedBy.

Hope this helps!

Thank You So much.......It will wok fine...:)