[DBCleaner] Deleted 0 eSpace versions.

[DBCleaner] Deleted 0 eSpace versions.

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Published on 17 Mar by Acácio Porta Nova
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Published on 17 Mar by Acácio Porta Nova
I'm running Outsystems Version, and DB Cleaner Version 1.7.1.

When I run Delete Old eSpace Versions on 22 week timeline I have Number Of Versions: 69 & Total Size 1,660.7 MiB.

It runs for several minutes like it's actually deleting things, and I receive the success (blue) message of 
Deleted 0 eSpace versions.

Older espace versions were deleted but I guess I reached a point where they're the newer espaces?

I have deleted the entire espace (previously was running an older version) and reinstalling 1.7.1, and it still wont delete more recent espaces.... Is there some limitation or database value I'm missing?

Same problem.
The "Delete Old eSpace Versions" does not delete any eSpace and always shows the info:
"Deleted 0 eSpace versions."

On the server Monitoring I get this errors regarding the DBCleaner app:

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "OSFRK_OSSYS_APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSI_OSSYS_ESPACE_VERSION_ESPACE_VERSION_ID". The conflict occurred in database "B3XILR020", table "dbo.OSSYS_APP_VERSION_MODULE_VERSI", column 'ESPACE_VERSION_ID'.
The statement has been terminated.

- OutSystems Platform
- Personal Environment
- DBCleaner 1.7.1
Hello Carlos,

You are having the same issue as Vania was having originally on http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/14691/error-application-db-cleaner/ 

Please note that this application does a best-effort to identify what it can delete. In order to be able to display how much database space, I am not able to use the DBCleaner_API (plus, this existed a bit before the API did :) ).

This means that some internal tables which are not exposed cannot be used to exclude some espace versions that are locked by being tagged in LifeTime. This is what originates the errors you see. DBCleaner jumps through them in order to delete as many old-espace versions as it can.
Hi all,

After some experimenting with the DBCleaner_API i've created new functionality (in the DBCleaner espace).
There is a bug in DBCleaner_API so it doesn't return much results. This is fixed together with support. Now there is a workaround and I added this into my custom DBCleaner eSpace i use in our environment.

I've added my version of the DBCleaner to this message just check it out.