How to implement drop downs in TableRecords

Hello Community members,

I want to implement drop downs in TableRecords. My scenario is that for every record in TableRecords there will be two drop downs. First drop down contains Titles and second drop down contains Quarters. Quarters are dependent on Titles. I wnat to refresh Quarter's drop down on selection of Title i.e. my second drop down is dependent on First drop down.

I tried to implement this in TableRecords. It is working good for Single record but not working for multiple records.

Please advice.

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Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

what is exactly not working for multiple records? which variable are you putting as source record of the combobox?
Hi Andre,

Thanks for the reply.

Suppose I selected first drop down from first record, then it will refresh result as per first variable.

Second time when I select Title from First drop down of second record, it's second drop down is loaded with same result as of first one and it is happening everywhere.

For source record of combobox, I have used two advance queries for Titles and Quarters. 

Please advice. I think in TableRecords, we can not assign different record list other than TableRecord's source.

-- Suraj B
That's because all the second comboboxes have the same source record list. The query is not executed for each combobox in the list. It is executed one time in preparation and its result is replicated for fall items of the record list. To have different results for each item, you can create an action that returns a record list with the values for the second combobox, so each row to be rendered will execute this action to bind the source record list of the comobobox.

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Andre, I want second drop down to be dependent on first one. That is when value from first one changes, second one will be loaded with matching values from first one. Is it possible with function, I have never tried that. Or should I create two functions for two drop downs. Thanks

I solved my problem using Autocomplete with the text box. I assigned two different temporary variables inside aggregate to store result of each record. 

But How to implement drop down inside TableRecords is still an open question. 

We are creating support ticket to the Outsystems for this case and let's see what would be their reply.

Thanks Andre.

-- Suraj B.