how to manage users group for separate applications on same environment?

Scenario -

I have two applications (A and B) hosted on same OutSystem environment. I have created two separate user group and assiged respective users under those group.

I logged in into Application A, then in new browser tab I logged in into application B.
Now when I refresh application A, it is getting log out.

I need to have access of both the applications at the same time in same browser.

How can I accomplisg this?
Hello Brajesh,

I'm not sure I'm fully understanding your problem, however to ensure that by logging into one application you have access to the second one you just need to ensure they share the same User Provider eSpace.

You can check the platform documentation for Single Sign on here:

By sharing the same User Provider eSpace you also share the same session, which I thing it is what you want.

Hi Sousa,

Might be I couldn't explained my problem properly here. 

My problem is:
I have two applications. and I want to have access of both the applications at the same time and in the same browser.

Currently, I only able to access one application, if I open second application then my previous session is getting time out. 
You want to be logged into both applications at the same time, but with a different user, that's it?
Hi Tim,

Do you have any idea in here? 

Hi Brajesh,

Like Carlos Sousa said before, when a user logs in an application, actually it is loggin in against a User Provider. So if a user is already logged in, you can't log in again, since two users can not share the same session. 
To log in another application with a different user without need log off, you'll need a different User Provider for each application.

Hope it helps.
Hi All,
I am also having the same problem but in my case my Application is same but the users are from diffrent tenant .When i login in with tenant A it shows me data from Tenant A but as soon as i logged in in Tenant B it just start showing everything from Tenant B and n other Tab also where user was logged in for Tenant A.

Summary-My user wants same application login for both the Tenants in two different Tabs.

@Pramod, technically that is a real challenge since tabs are the same session for the browser even.

J. is right.

If you try doing that with Gmail for example you get the same outcome. The session cookie is the same, regarding the tab.

My adivise would be for you to change the use case a litle bit. Open two tabs for the same application in a multi tenant scenario seems to be something you might be able to tackle with single tab the use of the TenantSwitch action.