"window.print();return false;"

"window.print();return false;"

Good Morning every one.
Any one know a good  apk/plugin that will work with outsystem?
that works under good chrome.
The one like usps.com use to print shipping label.
i try to use "window.print();return false;" but it don't work good.
i also try to popup a web page ..than use
"window.print();return false; ...it don't work at all.
Thank you so much.
From what I understand you are trying to popup the "Print" dialog from your browser, is this correct?

If so, you can use a link with "javascript:window.print()" which should work at least on Chrome.

Does this allow you to accomplish what you want? If not, can you explain a bit better what you're trying to do, perhaps show what you're trying to do on your Personal Environment ?
First Thank you ^O^
what i am try to do is  one web page with 4 web block.
**  1  ****   2     *
**  3  ****   4     *
i want a button or automatic print out  Any of the web block.
ex:   A  button only print out   web block 1
        B  button only print out   web block 2

May be i need use a plugin to do it .

Again Thank you so much for your help.

ps:how to hide attachment only to you?
i want upload the oml ,but it have some info ,i don't want share over internet.
Thank you so much
just hit other wall..
it's about check box .
how to build a database like this..
i am totally confused.

web block will looks like this ..
it could remember what i clicked.

************ Local ******    Mobile***
Korean       [  ]                   [  ]
Japan         [  ]                   [  ]

Thank you so much.

ps: Country is load from a database 

Thank you for any help ^O^.

1 Entiry   for   country name
2 Entiry   for   plan name
3 Entity    for   local or mobile <<-???? .....
plan A  =   japan Local   &  Korean   mobile     only
plan B  =   japan local only
plan C  =   japan Mobile  & Korean local only