Outsystemsnow upgrade version in 2016


There was some version update of Outsystemsnow last week? Our firm developed several applications for a big firm in Brazil. Since end last week, all users that updated (or first installed) the Outsystemsnow from PlayStore and AppleStore could not run the applications because an error of expired digital certification. Really there was a problem with the certificate, that is being renewed now. But this problem does not happen in the system implementation, and now is bringing a greate troubleshooting for us.

Thank you,

Roberto Campos

Hello Roberto.
We updated OutSystems Now last week with some security improvements. One of those improvements was related to certificates. Until last week, OutSystems Now already worked with HTTPS but it allowed invalid certificates to be used. With the update, we enforced only valid certificates.
However, we realized that some customers would have issues with this approach, mainly in development environments where it's common not to have valid certificates. To address this, we launched another version with the option to accept invalid certificates at the user's risk. This behavior is very similar to what most browsers do nowadays (ask the user to continue because the certificate is not valid).
Although it's now possible again to use invalid certificates, we do recommend the usage of a valid certificate as a best practice.
Thanks in advance
Hi Cézar,

Leonardo Fernandes, Outsystems Consultant brought this information for us in the last friday. Good, because solved the problem and ours users are acessing the apps without certificate. But the valid certification aquisition is in buy's process, and I believe that in 2 or 3 days it will be installed in our server.

Thank you very much,

Roberto Campos