NextStep 2016, Lisbon - OutSystems Users Conference

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to share that OutSystems has already announced this year's user conference date. It's on May 2nd in sunny Lisbon. You can find more details here...

Vera and myself are working the line up for a tech track that will gather a number of OutSystems experts that will be sharing a lot of interesting stuff for developers...

What would you like to see covered in this track?


Hi Mário,

It would be nice to hear from Experts some of the experiences that they had in Large factories (how to keep the performance in control, best practices and how to monitor large factories).

Other interesting topic could be Lifetime, i have the impression that in the last NextStep the Lifetime topic was not discussed (maybe i missed it). It would be nice to know if Lifetime will have new features, and what are the new features that we can expect in the near future.

Best regards

Cool Daniel! Thank you so much for your ideas :) We'll keep the community posted about the agenda...
"It's almost time for the Revolution. And we have an extra special way for you to prepare. All you need is a mobile device.
That's right, there's a NextStep app and it's now in the Apple App store and Google Play."

I received this email and was excluded 2 times:
  • My old (but still working) iPhone 4 is not supported (iOS 8 required) :(
  • Alternative... no Windows 10 Mobile App :(

Android 4.2 here. i feel your pain...