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Developing mobile apps is hard, getting a faster application even worse and knowing how to troubleshoot them... could be like an impossible mission.
A webpage in mobile is loaded in a matter of milliseconds and with so much going on, it can be tricky sometimes to understand how to improve this process.
At OutSystems, we’ve tried to go a little further, and we want to share our lessons learned with you.
In this webinar:
- Understand how mobile networks affect the application performance;
- Learn how to simulate mobile networks and analyze the performance of mobile applications;
- Troubleshoot the most common errors in mobile applications.
This webinar was delivered on March 10th at 14:45 GMT / 09:45 EST by me.
The session recording and presentation are already available.
These are the next webinars to be presented: 
- “Infrastructure Monitoring” - the tool and practice, Paulo Cunha, march 24th
- “Detect performance bottlenecks (Performance CSI)”, Paulo Garrudo, april 7th
Hope to have you there!
Daniel Reis
Looking forward!
Mobile Applications have changed the way of working online as I using Bulk SMS mobile application for my business.  I have registers with the link and looking forward for the same.
Hi there!

I didn't get a chance to attend the webinar, can you provide a link to the recorded session?

Hi Faim,

The recording is already available!

Hi Ruben

Thanks a lot.