No records displaying in Record List

Hi all.
I am learning OutSystems with a Personal Environment and have an application where I have loaded data from Excel into a few tables.
For a couple of tables I created a page with a Record List to display records from a single table. One of those works OK but the other doesn't show any records. However, within Service Studio that same page (that shows no records in the web application) shows details of what I would expect to be the first record of the table. So I am pretty sure the data must be in the table.
The Aggregate in the Preparation has just the one Source with No Filters at all.

Can anyone help me with ideas of where to start looking for the problem?


Hi Craig,

I can help you with that. Would you mind sharing your OML so that I can take a look?

kind regards,
Hi Vera.

Thanks for the offer and sorry for my late reply. I posted just before midnight my time so just got your response now.

Please see .oml file attached.

Hi Craig,

Regarding "Customers", the bootstrap is returning an error (invalid type):

To fix you need to:
1 - structure "Excel_HelpDeskCustomers_26022016", column "POBox_PostCode"  - change from int to text

2 - Do the same on the entity Customer

3. Publish your espace again, and you will get data:

Regarding HelpDeskTableImport_25022016.xlsx - the file is empty - that explains why you don't have any data there.

Let me know if that helps,

(offtopic: midnight? where are you from?)



Hi Vera.

Thanks very much for this. I will go ahead follow your advice and let you know how it goes.

I am in Australia so very out of sync with the 'rest of the world' as far as time zones go.



Just to follow up. I have it working now so thank you very much.
I changed the data type for the POBox_PostCode field but then I had to bootstrap the data from Excel again.

Anyway, all good.