Query regarding Process Monitoring Action Column

We would like to know that how & where to pass Action taken parameter against any activity in workflow, so that, it's visible on service center. 

Please find attached the screenprint where we want it to be displayed.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Let me know if any further details are required on this.
Hi Sarika,

Do you want to displaywhat actions taken by the OS platform for your workflow or anything else.

Please provide the examples.

Suraj B
Actually we want to pass dynamic value to this field. Example if the application is in some xyz state(Human Activity), user might cancel or approve the application by clicking either cancel or approve button respectively, we want to capture that action of user, because after that action it will leave that human activity & move to next activity, so after which action, it moved to next activity, that we ant to capture. 
Basically these are our application workflow state we want to capture and show on service centre. But we want to know a way how to/where to pass these action state in our workflow to be able to see on service centre under Action column.
Hi Sarika,

The Actions column you mention in a process detail in Service Center will show you actions that you may take on an activity depending on the current activity state. These are administrative actions to allow you to recover a process from an unexpected state, like for instance retrying or terminating an activity in an error state. Which actions are available is determined by the activity states in BPT and it's not possible for you to include additional actions here.

From what I understood what you actually need is to be able to know whether on a specific human activity the user cancelled or approved. You might be able to understand what happened just by checking the specific process flow which was followed after that activity. If you need to store that information, you can add an Output Parameter to the Human Activity and when the user clicks either "approve" or "cancel", use the Close<ActivityName> action to close the activity and specify the appropriate value for the output parameter. Activity output parameters are stored in the BPT model so they can be queried later on. They'll also appear in the activity detail screen in Service Center.