Replace content in a tab

Replace content in a tab

I have a tab container with three tabs. Two of the tabs show lists of data. If I click on a link in a row of a list, I want the Edit screen to render in the same tab as the list, essentially replacing the list with the Edit screen. When the Save or Cancel buttons are clicked, I then want to list to reappear, replacing the Edit screen.  I hope this makes sense. Any hints on how to go about this?

Thank you,
Hello Chris,

If the Tabs are client side (which they probably are), you just have to work with them as they were any other container. you can have a If for the editing list and other for the normal one, and when you click on your desired link the action will ajax refresh that list. You can use the ActiveTab (if you're using Tabs from SILK) to set the tab you had open again so you don't lose any track of where you were.

In sum, as long as you refresh the right containers you should be good to go : )

Anything else let me know!