Call Web Block on Ajax Refresh

Call Web Block on Ajax Refresh

Hello All,

I want to call web block on another page where I dont used it.I want to call that web block for refresh purpose through ajax refresh.
e.g I have web block showing some details on it.I have update popup as well but I havent used details popup on update popup. When I update something and update popup gets closed I want to immediate info reflection on detail web block.Currently I need to refresh that page and then change gets affected Instead of when update popup get closed instant change I want without page refresh.
Hello Shirish,

If you're editing information in the popup have you tried to use popup notify action? that will call a notification and you can use it before using the popup_close. that way when you close you notify the main page and then you can call a ajax refresh action.

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Hello Cristiano Marques,

Thanks for you valuable reply. But I dont get action which you have mentioned in the reply. I got only NotifyWidgetGetMessage action in which I am unable to call web block again.
Please send proper steps for it.

Hello Shirish,

It seems like you're missing the references to the popup actions.

please check below:

Hello Cristiano Marques,

I have web block created I have used this web block on page.
I have opened the popup through web block.
e.g Suppose I am updaeting something on popup. What I want when I update something on popup after popup closed updated change reflected on web block.
I am unable to call web block or refresh it when i closed popup.