i have been using the html2pdf compoenent to print webscreens for dozens of time. but i noticed when ever i want to print a screen in my PE i get this error 
i uhave been using version 1.3, the self containing extension , that has all the dll's and compoenets bundled with the extension. it has alaways been working , until the server was upgraded to 9.1. and it started popping this error. i deleted the extension and redployed it again and still no change.
can you check if the file actually exists in that directory?

it isn't an issue of the extenion itself,
but more of the rights of the runtime-user to create and/or delete the file
Thanks J. the issue is that its on my PE. On the premise were i have direct access to the operating system i have no such issues.secondly , it a webscreen were i pass the url to the pdf converter method and converts it to pdf. On my PE before the upgarade to 9.1 it used to work, suddenly , it doesnt work any longer.