Input Widget after Ajax Refresh no longer Active or Editable

Hello again :-)  I have an Edit Table grid with Input Widgets.  As you change values in the fields, they have an inpact on the next Input field value on the same row.  Simple example:

Column 1  Column 2  Column 3
A               B               A+B

As you update Column 1 or Column 2 I want to update Column 3 any time the Values in Column 1 or 2 change.
My issue is that when I call the screen action to update the value in Column 3, while the value does update, the Input Widget itself loses focus and is inactive.  Attached are screen shots and as well as the Action Logic.
I think what I need to do is call the Input_SetFocus weblock but I cant figure out how to do that at runtime.
Thanks in advance for any help :-)
Hi Chris,

The problem is the Editable Table. It's buggy. OutSystems know, but refuse to fix it. Check the recent posts in this forum, yours is like the gazillionst with a question about Editable Tables not working properly. Sorry to disappoint you :).
Wow that sucks, are there any fixes on the way??
I surely hope so, and some fixes have been made in the past, but it's not in a very good state right now... The basics work, but things like refresh work more often not than that they do.