Any way to change widget properties at runtime other than the Valid and Val Message?

I have probably asked too many questions already but I need to be able to change an input fields' Mandatory flag at runtime based on another Input Widgets state.  Is this possible?  For instance, if a certian check box is selected, I need to make a few widgets on the same screen Mandatory.
Thanks in advance!
Hi Chris,
Use the expression editor on the Mandatoru property. For instance,
  •  You have a variable called IsMandatory bound to checkboxA,
  • Then on the widget that has a changing mandatory property you use the IsMandatory variable, not the default true or false
  • Lastly implement the onchange property of the checkbox to refresh the relevant widget.
Thank you very much I will give this a try today!!
OK, I gave it a try, unfortunatley I need it to work inside an Edit Table...  Will this work as it doesn't seemto for me :-(