Announcing SQL Server on Linux

Announcing SQL Server on Linux

Today I’m excited to announce our plans to bring SQL Server to Linux as well. This will enable SQL Server to deliver a consistent data platform across Windows Server and Linux, as well as on-premises and cloud. We are bringing the core relational database capabilities to preview today, and are targeting availability in mid-2017."
Scott Guthrie - Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft

Nice, but mid-2017... is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong way in IT.

Now we just need OutSystems to announce Service Studio for Linux :P
Hi Carlos,

Service Studio for Linux, would be very nice indeed.

At least ServiceStudio should be compatible with Wine (tool 
to Run Windows Applications on Linux).
Nontheless, applications "emulated" trough WINE usually experience severe lag and/or very hard to fix bugs, so, having a native platform built for Linux would be absolutely the best choice... Not to mention on the much, much broader audience it would reach...
Any figures on that "audience" to back it up?
When I look at stats, I still see the "linux" clients are a niche-market.

Don't get me wrong, would love to see the possibility to choos the OS for service studio, but I doubt it's worth the effort.

On the wine thing, I am surprised it;s not compatible.

Well the way I see it, and simpy put, "Linux CLI geeks" might like to expose their research results on the web, or build some sort of web interface to use their research data, and, "exposing" OutSystems to this sort of people via Linux available packages could, at least, make them "less relunctant" in using the platform, imho... Of course, it would always be a very small audience when compared to the 99% of us, but, nontheless, the more the merrier, I'd say :)
Of course, there is no single "Linux" you can write an application for. Do you support Gnome, KDE, Unity? Are you aiming to be available for Ubuntu, Red Hat, Suze, Mint, Fedora, Arch? Do you support apt, dpkg, yum, rpm? The complete ecosystem is so large, it'll be a pain to support everything, or even the most commonly used. Imho, the way to go is to have Service Studio be based on HTML canvases (like the Entity Diagram already is), and have it run in a web browser. Instant support everywhere!