Application no longer showing up on ipad

Application no longer showing up on ipad

Hi All

I am quite new to OutSystems and still learning. Was hoping someone could assist. I was doing a demo of the app that I developed on my ipad. While I was showing it to my colleague on my ipad the app gave an error and outsystems just closed. It happened so quickly that I could not even read the error. Since then I no longer see the application on outsystems on my ipad. I have logged out and back in, deleted outsystems from my ipad and re-installed it. I can see all the other apps as normal, but not the one I was workin on. However, when I log in on my laptop it is still there and I can make changes to the app and publish it.

Any ideas what could be the problem here?

Thanks so much

Hi Vonnelize,

First of all, welcome to the OutSystems Community!
Regarding the issue that you're reporting, I'll answer assuming that your application was running inside OutSystems Now. So, in order for an application to show up in OutSystems Now, the following characteristics are required:
  1. Have a module as Home
  2. Have the application to be displayed in OutSystems Now:
    - Go to https://[your-environment]/OutSystemsNowService/
    - Check if your application is set to be displayed to the user you are using:
Let me know if this helps you out.


Hi Ruben

Thank you for the help!.That solved my problem!

Much appreciated.