Unable to create database connection

there is an error message(refer attachment) after i clicked the "test connection" button (i have done the configuration of firewall)
Hi Eric,

Have you checked if the SQL Server is reacheable (default port is usually 1433) on RSP_L_JUNIN host? You can troubleshoot it through a telnet client (see suggestion from MSDN).

As the error indicates, have you also checked if RSP_L_JUNIN server is configured to allow remote connections? This is typically fixed using the suggestion from Platform Server 9 - .NET Install Checklist below:

Confirm that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled in SQL Server:
  • In SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand SQL Server Network Configuration and choose Protocols for <Instance_name>
  • Right-click TCP/IP and choose Properties
  • In the IP Addresses tab, configure the IP to be used. If in doubt, leave all defaults;
  • In the Protocol tab, change Enabled to Yes. Click OK.
  • Restart the SQL Server service. 


The error.docx document contains n error message that i get after trying to test database connection.

please help.

Thank you

From your front end server (hope you have access to the actual machine), you should try to setup a connection independently of the OutSystems platform. If it's doesn't work via standard tools, it won't work via OutSystems either.

You also might want to try the advanced configuration. Should allow you to define more parameters and troubleshoot the cause.