Unable to create database connection

Unable to create database connection

there is an error message(refer attachment) after i clicked the "test connection" button (i have done the configuration of firewall)
Hi Eric,

Have you checked if the SQL Server is reacheable (default port is usually 1433) on RSP_L_JUNIN host? You can troubleshoot it through a telnet client (see suggestion from MSDN).

As the error indicates, have you also checked if RSP_L_JUNIN server is configured to allow remote connections? This is typically fixed using the suggestion from Platform Server 9 - .NET Install Checklist below:

Confirm that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled in SQL Server:
  • In SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand SQL Server Network Configuration and choose Protocols for <Instance_name>
  • Right-click TCP/IP and choose Properties
  • In the IP Addresses tab, configure the IP to be used. If in doubt, leave all defaults;
  • In the Protocol tab, change Enabled to Yes. Click OK.
  • Restart the SQL Server service.