Hi I work for a healthcare client who is using Outsytems platform. There are various senarios where the customer location is at remote areas and today paper forms are being used and then captured. If we want to go paperless then provide the consultants with Apps in mobile or tablets but if the current design is tightly coupled where navitaging between the screens hits the server. Hence is it possible to implement a smart client design which has the occasionally connected architecture capablity using hexagonal and microservices design patterns?


Hi Mehul,

I failed to understand exactly your question (most probably due to my ignorance)...
So in order for me to help you out, please help me out:
  1. Occasionally connected = offline?
  2. hexagonal and microservices design patterns = UI framework?


Hi RG,
I'm working in outssytems for the first time with this new client engagment. i'm a solution architect from a open source/mainframe background. 
  1. Occasionally connected = offline? - Yes wanted to understand offline functionality of Outsystems. The healthcare client I'm working for has majority of client locations that are in very remote areas, hence the proposal is to provide them smart apps via mobile/tablets so that the the data can be captured offline and then synced. The current desgin of the architecture is such that, the moment the URL page hits the server you'll get server not found. This is the reason I want to implement the hexagonal design pattern with microservices so that only specific functionalities can be exposed and not make the app a heavy weight. 
  2. hexagonal and microservices design patterns = UI framework? - Hexagonal Architectural Pattern, will have multiple logical functions (Microservice), which will be bundled and deployed independently. In short please have a look into the below link. It'll give an idea of what I want to implement via Outsystems - http://geekswithblogs.net/cyoung/archive/2014/12/20/hexagonal-architecturendashthe-great-reconciler.aspx 
  3. With respec to the UI, please find the attached fragmented UI model. The current client system design doesn't follow this but I as per the client requirements like to implement this. i was told there are technical challenges in this and I'm not sure how much complex it is.  
Thanks for your kind support.
For the offline functionality there is a Forge component that you should look at - Offline Apps

Just for future reference to whoever lands on this post...

OutSystems (since release 10) fully supports the visual modeling of offline / occasionally connected apps, without having to resort to code. This heavily simplifies the creation of offline apps.

More information available at Can I build offline apps with OutSystems or directly at the documentation