Login in App


In my application AppCar i have one problem with login Admin, i can´t make login with admin user ? And I can not access my application with my user ? 

It is strange that I can not access, could you help me with this problem in my login ?

Hi Ricardo,

You have set the eSpace to be a user provider. I would guess you don't want that? To solve it, set it to No, and select Users as the user provider eSpace.
Hello Kilian,

How can I disable the user provider ? How can i Users as the user provider eSpace ?

Thanks a lot
1) In the Interface tab, click the eSpace name:

2) In the properties section, set "Is User Provider" to No, and set User Provider eSpace to User.

Hello Kilian,

I put the User Provider in NO and i odnt have login

Where do you manage your users? In the User eSpace? Did you also change the "User Provider eSpace" as I suggested?
I have made the change that you suggested I put the User Provider in NO , i dont manage my users, where I can manage my users?
How can manage my users in my application ? i dont have acess to my application

Kilian my table User dont have any record, any user, how i can create one user ?


If you don't manage any users, how can you expect to be able to login to your app? What credentials were you using? As for creating a user, that's done via the User eSpace. Of course you can create user management yourself.
I did login with user :admin, password: admin,but that user doesn't exist right now.

How can create user ?
By starting the Users eSpace.