Device Location

Hi guys.

I'm using the Device Location widget to get GPS locations on a mobile phone. As you know one requires the local variables and controls to store the Lats and Longs.

At the moment these controls are visible to the user. I've tried a couple of times to not show them. Either of two things happened:

1) the method of hiding them made them inaccessible. Which way do you suggest I hide these controls / containers they are in?
2) I've noticed that the GPS sometimes take a few seconds before it populates the controls. I will check this
Hi Jean-Pierre,

As the instructions page suggest (right at the bottom):
Do not use the input fields’ Visible property for this purpose. If you set them with False, the screen doesn’t render the inputs at all, and the location values won’t be available.

Usually the Lat/Long Inputs are bundled in a div for which the property display is set to False.
You can check the "Car Accident Reporting" as an example on how it's used.

Let me know what came of it.

João Grazina