Implementing Collapsible Left Navigation in Dublin Theme

Implementing Collapsible Left Navigation in Dublin Theme

Hello All,

I am looking to implement collapsible left navigation menu in dublin theme layout. I am also fine with any default template which provides this kind of implementation.

Please let me know if you have any knowledge or suggestions.


Appreciate if anyone with such experience could reply on this topic.
Hello Ravi,

Sorry for the late reply, but your post evaded our radars until now. For future Silk related posts, please use the Silk UI forums, or in this particular case, the Dublin Template Forums.

Regarding your question, Silk only has collapsible menus when you get to phone and tablet (Dublin tablet behaviour is different, giving you a smaller menu instead of a collapsible one).
The closest thing we have is the right sidebar of Lisbon Template.

There is another option: you can copy the Dublin Template (or just the layout), and change it to your own specifications.
If you follow this approach, just make sure that you have both the Container "Page" (with the same extended properties has you can find on the Layout Dublin), and the pattern "WidgetsForLayout" inside your layout.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Samuel Jesus