Dublin theme mobile view logout problem

Hi ,

I am using dublin theme for the application. When I switch to mobile view and click n dropdown arrow beside user name to logout, the block containing username and logout is not visible and I could not logout. Please refer to the image attached to see the problem. Appreciate help on this. There is no problem in logging our from tab or web views. 
Hello Abhi N,

I can't seem to replicate your issue in my Personal Environment. See also screenshot in attach.

This may be caused by usage of older Silk UI Framework and Dublin Template versions. Can you confirm you are using the latest ones? Mines are currently Silk UI 2.1.0 and Dublin Template 2.0.2 (though these are not the latest available versions).

Also, did you customize any of the mentioned components?

Thanks for the reply. Could you please let me know how can I check those versions?

I have checked the silkuiframeowrk to be 2.1.1 but did not know how to check for the dublin theme or template. No I did not customize any of these components.

And If I install the latest versions, will my applications using them break? 
Hello Abhi,

Installing the newest version is always a plus, because not only you get the new patterns released, but also the latest fixes to the previous versions.

This upgrade should not break your applications (although you may need to refresh references).
Nevertheless, you should always check the release notes (available on the forge) before upgrading.

Samuel Jesus
Sure Samuel Jesus. I have updated to the latest versions and it worked. Appreciate all for the help