Dynamic structure depends on width

Dynamic structure depends on width

Hi, I am using Outsystems service studio for responsive web app.

I am using MediumRightColums that has 2 columns, could I make this structure to turn dynamically 

For Phones - 1 column
For Tablets - 2 column
For Desktop over 1280px - 3 columns

Or hide/show the structure depends on a width of the screen 1280px wide or less?

Thank you in advance


Hi April,

Did you have a look into the 'London Theme' component?

You actually have a demo website with some explanations:

Nevertheless, please consider using one of the SilkUI templates:

Using one SilkUI template as base template, you will save a lot of time, I believe you can find the pattern that you described in there!

Hope it helps you!

Best regards.

Daniel Martins.