onchange click widget

Hi Outsystems,
I just want to know how to use the js_click widget in a datepicker.
For example. 
I have two textbox the contains a variable with a data type of date.
When i clicked and choose a date at a textbox1. textbox2 will pop up the datepicker. 

Hi Frinzgerald Murao,  on change of textbox1 create a action Ontextbox1Change and call a widgetclick action there then pass the ID of textbox2 to Widget_Click action, It will work perfectly.

Hi Rajendra koranga,

Thanks for the idea . I never knew about that widget thanks for letting me discover it through your idea. 

Frinzgerald Murao
 Your most welcome Frinzgerald Murao.

Hi I am trying to do similar thing here but I am not having much luck. Basically I have a url Textbox and on it's OnChange event, I have put this condition there:

If ((Length(Application_HealthCheckURL.TypedValue) = 0),Application_HealthCheckURL.ValidationMessage = "texthere",Application_HealthCheckURL.ValidationMessage = "notexthere")

but it never fires up at all. I have tried OnBlur as well. I am totally lost here now.
Anyone have any clue about it?

Hi Sandeep Kapil, it will work if you will do in a proper way..first of all if you want to show the validation message   set the Application_HealthCheckURL.Valid property to false.

2:- in assign set  Application_HealthCheckURL.ValidationMessage=if(length(Application_HealthCheckURL.TypedValue=0," notextthere","textthere")

3:- Refresh the the textbox Application_HealthCheckURL.


Rajendra Singh