batch selection of multiple id to list record in a different screen

Hi guys i want to imlement a batch print. i have implemented a print functionality using html2pdf converter. it on click print of a record in a table its prints the data for that particular record on a pdf. now i want to have an idea of how i can achieve this,  using a check box and select sepecific record and it print those records per page on the pdf in batch.

here is what i did to so far.
1)i created a web-block and design the page and all the logic needed
2) i placed the webblock in a list record in the printpage.
3) in the table record containing a list of record i implemented a filter records by id.

now when i do a single selection it prints that record, but when i do mutiple selections so it can batch print, it doesnt print the selected records on the pdf

i am very close but i know am missing something. so my question is how can i pass multiple filtered record id of the selected record i intend printing to the listrecord in the pdf print page so i can print sleccted records in batch.Thanks
any tips guys. i am trying to pass multiple id to a listrecord in a second screen so that it can list the selected records which i ticked in my table record. i only get one record displayed on my second scren, thats d main issue i face
why not use a table so save the selected id's ?

when you look at  these screenshots. i have the table records and each record has a checkbox. in the check box i want to implement an onchange action so that it collects the value of the selected checked record in the table and pass it to the id. in the second screenshot, i am passing only a single id. so how can i pass batch id of the selected record to the print screen so that it list all the selected record in the print screen. the right logic to implement in onchange action is my biggest issue.

Thanks j.

Hi Tmlewin,

Please provide sample oml file which contains this functionality.

-- Suraj B
Thanks suraj.

here is a sample espace.As explained above, i would like to select multiple records on the table by ticking the check box and onclick unzikbulk button it passes the mulltiple id of the selected record to the print page were its page breaked with css to render one record per page. i have implemeted most of the logic but it prints only one record , instead of multiple selected records.Thanks