Hi, in my application, I have a Web block containing graphics and  I wanted to put an action in the charts, i.e , When I click on a graphic slice  It should redirect me to another page.
But I'm not being able to accomplish this.
I know that the graphics from  "London theme"  contain the  "destination" option, but on our project we are using the "Dublin theme" and this theme doesn't have the "destination" option in the graphics.
I can't  switch to the London theme because it would have a major impact on the layout of our project.
What can I do to solve this issue?


Hi Maira,
You can find "destination" on the properties tab (I'm using Dublin here):

You can send me your OML and I can take a look if you want.



I solve the problem, the charts reference was outdate. I refresh the e Space references.

Thank u anyway.