How to create a textbox programmatically

How to create a textbox programmatically

Hello people

I am trying to achieve a simple task, but I find now way to do it here in Outsystems. I could achieve it using JQuery, but personally, I don't like the mix between many JQuery plug ins and the Outsystems platform. 

I have this design where the user can add more than one date to insert in the database. The user can add N dates, therefore, the user would have a button that creates textbox programmatically, depending of how many dates he needs. I would accomplish something similar using these JS instructions:

Is there a way to do this using Outsystems tools? Please... thank you!
Hi Samuel,

You should try the editable table. With a local variable of type list with a field of type date you should be able to accomplish the behavior you're seeking.

Hope this helps,
Your suggestions seems to be great, but there is a catch :(

These textboxes that will be created on the fly, must be calendars. I use another JQuery plug in in order to convert my textbox into a calendar input. I don't use "<input type="calendar">" because it doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox. Considering that I must run a Javascript instruction in order to transform the textboxes into calendar inputs, I am not really sure if there would be a way to re-run the Javascript instruction, each time AFTER the user add a new row to the editable table. Or perhaps there is a way?

Another thing is, the editable table makes me to chose a source record list, but in this case, because I only want the editable table for textbox creations, I don't need a source record list... or I do?

I am a bit confused. Will be waiting for reply! Thank you for your help!

Or when you say: "With a local variable of type list with a field of type date" you are refering to a local variable of type list of a structure that contains a date field only? Then I should use that variable as my source record list? Hmmm a little bit of clarification would be great :)