Please help on editing UI for the app

Hi I have few questions on applying cosmetic changes for an responsive application.
1. Could I connect Balsamiq or any other wireframing tools with Outsystems?
2. I have read article that I should avoid editing depended themes because it can cause a problem when updating. Is there any safe way to customize the appearance and the existing themes (i.e. SilkUi)?
3.Help for a Silk UI:
I am trying to make 2 columns structure called "MediumRightColumn"
to any structure that could display the same form but on 3 columns,
only for the devices that are bigger than "Desktop Big",
referring from the Device emulator on Chrome.
I was trying this with two ways for this.
          1.Place both forms(MediumRightColumn, and 3Columns), and hide one another
            ex. Hide the form on a "MediumRightColumn" for screens that are bigger than desktop               
                big and show the form that is on 3Columns.
But I am not sure 
* How to detect device (bigger than Desktop Big) -
      without using min-width- worried about on mac or surface, the resolution is dense.
               * How I should hide one another structure depends on a detection of device.
          2.Use Table or new structure that allows this
            -I need suggestion for proper form that I could use from Silk UI that could perform this 
             described responsive UI
4. Regarding designing UI,UX with Outsystems,
I would appreciate for any further resources or help from you other than Silk UI online tutorial.
Thank you very much in advance.
Hi April,

1) As long has balsamiq eexposes some kind of API (SOAP, REST or even native .NET or Java Libraries) it should be quite simple to integrate. I'd suggest cheecking directly with them about their API options.

2) The recommendation is always to never change silk to simplify future upgrades without clashes. To achive what you're trying you should create for instance your own widget library that have clones of the SILK widgets you want to customize or create your own theme that can extend existing SILK themes and add or overwrite functionality.

3) I believe your best bet would be to use CSS and media queries for that. SILK itself was designed in a way that developers without much CSS knwoledge can use it to build beautiful UIs. But advanced costumizations will always require some degree of CSS knowledge. I'd advise you to check how other widgets (e.g MediumLeftColumn) are implemented by opening the SILKUIFramework espace and check how it was built.
If you need more resources about css we have a workshop publicly available that you can find here

4) Quite recently we've hosted a SILK UI webinar entitled SILK UI From Basic to Advanced. In this forum post you can find all information as well as links for the video recording and the slideware that includes the presentation and the exercises.

Hope this helps in clarifying your questions.

Thank you very much Guilherme!