Does anyone have experience of integrating an outsystems app with Sage 50 and Sage Pay
Hi Ray,

I have no specific experience with Sage Pay, however based on their documentation ( they have 4 methods for integration: Form Integration, Server Integration, Server InFrame Integration and Direct Integration.

All those methods are based on things you should be able to accomplish with the platform with no special issue (iframes, HTTP POST methods, Dynamic URLs, etc.)

Are you having any specific issue with the implementation or something you're not being able to accomplish?

That would allows us to help you in a better way.

Hi Carlos, thank you for the post; the issue I have is with Sage 50, as you correctly say, sage pay is fairly friendly in terms of integration. As far as I can make out to integrate with Sage 50 you need to purchase the SDK (£1500.00 + VAT). There is another method called SData, and I woundered if anyone had had any experience of using this with Outsystems.

Thanks again

Ray Sutherland 
Sorry, can't help you on the specifics.

I was searching and I found the Sage Developer Program, they should allow you to see if Sage matches your needs for a lower prices than the 1500£ + VAT.

Hope it helps.