OutSystems Training Webinars: Season 1

OutSystems Training Webinars: Season 1


The first Season of OutSystems Training Webinars is over. While we come back we leave you season 1! Enjoy!

Join the Java side of the OutSystems Platform SysOps

Session 1 (video)
Session 1 (slides) 
Session 2 (video)Session 2 (slides)

Join the Java side of the OutSystems Platform SysOps! Let the Force of these Live Classes flow through you, so you’ll master how to maintain the Platform installed on the Java stack.


1st Session

  • Master the OutSystems Platform Architecture

  • Comprehend the OutSystems Platform Licensing

  • Prepare your Linux environment with ease

  • Go through an assisted Platform Installation and Configuration

  • Tune your installations for performance and scalability


2nd Session

  • Understand Platform Internals:

    • 1-Click Publish

    • 2-Stage Deployment

    • LifeTime Architecture

    • Timers and asynchronous processes

    • Logging mechanism

  • Go through Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting, and Monitoring techniques.


"System Operations: the Java Side" will improve the way you manage your servers and the way you comprehend and integrate the Platform's components.

From a bad to an awesome user experience (Video) (slides)

How can you build an awesome app that looks cool and fresh while providing a great user experience?

In this 1-hour session, you will learn:

  • Why an awesome UX is critical

  • What you gain by talking to users

  • What an MVE is and what it does

  • How to go from a screen to an experience

  • How to avoid UX traps and go after the rainbow.

From a bad to an awesome user experience (video link)


How can you build an awesome app that looks cool and fresh while providing a great user experience? Discover how to beat the UX and UI design blues and produce apps that everyone loves to use.
- Why an awesome UX is critical
- What you gain by talking to users
- What an MVE is and what it does
- How to go from a screen to an experience
- How to avoid UX traps and go after the rainbow.


Building a Live Style Guide (video link)

Over the past year, we have been creating, with great results, Live Style Guide with some customers. As such, we would like to share with you, our approach for creating an industry standard called Style Guides, through a free, in-depth technical webinar titled “Building a Live Style Guide”.

In this webinar:

  • What is a Style Guide?

  • How OutSystems Platform helps you create a Live Style Guide?

  • How to architecture a Live Style Guide?

  • How maintenance and UI productivity was highly improved, while ensuring brand guidelines?

Server-side performance bottlenecks (video link)

Performance is key factor for user adoption of your applications. Poor application performance directly affects the business, causes user frustration and may cause company to lose revenue.

Following OutSystems server-side performance best practices during development prevents surprises when the application is live, by ensuring a good server response time and a low usage of resources. Actively monitoring application performance keeps you one step ahead of bottlenecks and allows to act instead of react.
In this webinar you'll learn:
- How to detect server-side performance bottlenecks
- How to monitor your application performance 
- Development Tips & Best Practices to ensure you don't run into performance issues

Infrastructure Monitoring - the tool and practice (video link)


Actively monitoring your infrastructure layer is critical for the good health and performance of your OutSystems Platform environments, both Production and non-production.
There are a ton of monitoring suites out there capable of measuring every single aspect of your servers. But what are the really important metrics to consider and how do they relate with the Platform?
Infrastructure Monitor was built to give Developers and Operations a simple and effective server monitoring tool, right from the Platform's management console. It is publicly available in the Forge. By leveraging this tool, you'll be able to improve your DevOps capabilities, allowing your team access to key server performance metrics and alarms when recommended thresholds are reached in any environment.

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • The importance and value of monitoring your infrastructure (not just Production);
  • Key server performance and availability metrics to keep an eye on;
  • How to setup and use Infrastructure Monitor.

How To Troubleshoot Mobile App Performance (video link)

Developing mobile apps is hard, getting a faster application even worse and  knowing how to troubleshoot them... could be like an impossible mission.
A webpage in mobile is loaded in a matter of milliseconds and with so much going on, it can be tricky sometimes to understand how to improve this process.
At OutSystems, we’ve tried to go a little further, and we want to share our lessons learned  with you.

In this webinar:

  • Understand how mobile networks affect the application performance;
  • Learn how to simulate mobile networks and analyze the performance of mobile applications;
  • Troubleshoot the most common errors in mobile applications.

Become mobile developer from scratch (video link)


Hopefully you have been creating mobile apps, and suffering with all the mobile challenges. Here at OutSystems we've created an internal workshop to ramp-up our team in the mobile challenges and how to use them into our favor. 

In this webinar:

  • Framing Mobile challenge (what is a mobile device to basic UX considerations);
  • How to to leverage Silk UI Framework to mobile development;
  • Understanding OutSystems Now.


SILK UI - from basic usage to advanced techniques (video link)


Developing professional UI’s for responsive apps is hard. OutSystems recently launched Silk UI, a fully responsive and beautiful UI framework that works within the OutSystems Platform, to help developers build apps that don’t look like something your grandfather would code. 

In this webinar:

  • The basics of Silk UI for gorgeous looking apps from scratch;
  • Dive into advanced concepts and patterns you can use in complex apps;
  • Follow a live exercise to get practical experience with the framework.
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Hi Community!

Great news for all our dear developers: we've just launched our Training Webinars area at 

OutSystems TV.

Now you can find all our past webinars so you can access our content more easily with both 1st and 2nd season. 

Here's the list: 

Season 1

- Silk UI - From the Basics to Advanced Techniques
- How to Troubleshoot Mobile App Performance
- Effective Platform Server Monitoring
- Building a Live Style Guide
- From Bad to Awesome - User Experience
- System Operations: The Java Side - Part 1
- System Operations The Java Side - Part 2

Season 2
- Enterprise Grade Application Performance How-tos - Part1
- Enterprise Grade Application Performance How-tos - Part2
- OutSystems Platform Integrations and Extensibility


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