[Silk UI Web] How to force desktop (for printing)?

[Silk UI Web] How to force desktop (for printing)?

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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by Labs

we are using silkui on our website with much joy.
However, when we are using html2pdf-converter for a specific page, the tablerecords in that page are showing only 1 column. I think it's because OS thinks it's being rendered on Mobile/Tablet due to the small size of a A4.
Is there anyway to enforce desktop mode, because otherwise we cannot use section and all other great stuff from silkui in the pdf.

Hello Joost,

That's a bit odd indeed. 
I'm not sure why that behaviour is happening, but I think I may have a workaround that you can use.
Silk UI has a "NoResponsive" class that, when applied to a TableRecord (after the TableRecord class), will force the desktop behaviour on every device. As the name implies, it turns the TableRecord into a No Responsive Table record.

Does this workaround solve your issue?

Samuel Jesus