I am trying to register my COM objects runtime, how do I know in which path the COM object is on the Cloud Outsystems server? I have added the COM object as a reference in my Visual Studio project.
I have this example to registeren runtime from http://www.zorched.net/2009/01/01/register-and-unregister-com-dll-from-net-code/
Hi Ineke,

You should use relative paths. If you included the dll in the extension you must have selected the "copy to" option. If you selected for example "copy to binaries directory" then the dll should have been placed in the bin folder inside your web application on iis so something like Server.MapPath("./bin/xxx.dll") could work.

Also note that every time you publish the espace (that uses the extension) the path will change so you may want to do your logic in a way to: 1st check if registered and if not register and then execute.

Hope this helps.