Debug Mode doesn't work and prevents my application pages to load

Debug Mode doesn't work and prevents my application pages to load

I was never able to perform a debug in the applications I develop in my personal environment. Is this a bug or a feature (limitation)?
The behaviour:
when I set a breakpoint and start the debug mode, my page (in IE) never loads. It only shows the 'loading' symbol. BUT WHEN I STOP THE DEBUG, the page loads.
Anyway, I can't debug my application. It is difficult this way.
Help, please. Any idea?
The debug function is performing exactly as expected.  When you are debugging and set a breakpoint, most likely in the preparation in your case, you are instructing the debug session to stop so you can look at the variables before anything is sent to the browser.  In Service Studio you can now examine the values of variables and do all sorts of investigation.  You can step through the code or continue from that breakpoint if you want the process to continue and render the page.  The debug function is almost identical to all other popular development environments such as Visual Studio.  If you are not an experienced developer, look at the help for more information on debugging.

Hope this helps,
Hi, Curt.

Thank you very much for your answer. I tried again today, and I payed special attention to the breakpoint position... and it worked!!! But I swear, the last time I tried this, it didn't work, and a friend of mine had the same problem when we attended the online classes, one month ago. At the time, even a very experienced programmer in my company tried to help us and he was unsuccessful.

I was always able to debug in my company's environement, but never in my personal... until today :D

Thank you for your answer and for your help :)

Ok... Now it is not working again.

The browser tab is always loading.

In Service Studio, in the "Debugger" tab, I can't Continue Request (F9), Step Over (F10), Step Into (F11) or Step Out. All these options ate disabled.

Any ideia? Thank you!
It is going to be almost impossible to help without seeing all the steps leading up to where you have this problem.  I would try the following.

  • Remove or disable all breakpoints in the espace
  • Make sure the page loads as expected
  • Assuming the page loads, you can go back and add or enable breakpoints one at a time, testing between each one
Whenever the browser hangs loading it is always a breakpoint and almost always in the preparation of the screen or something the screen is referencing.  I cannot explain why those debug functions were disabled unfortunately.

Hope this helps,
Hi Curt.
I found the reason why this is not working. There was a standard and I never realized that.
  • In my workplace therer are 2 Internet network: wire and wireless.
  • I have 2 computers, each one connected to different networks.
  • I usually spend more time in the wire-networked computer. This network is full of protections and the server suspends the debugging requests.
  • The other computer is connected to the wireless network, less protected, and the debug works with this one.
I realized that standard recently: whenever I worked with this computer, the debug mode worked.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your help.